Shark Bay Aviation Map

FLIGHT 4 - Refer to pink on the map

Scenic Flight 4: "The Extra” is an extension of Flight 2. There are ample opportunities to see sharks, rays and turtles, perhaps even whales in season, as well as the shy elusive dugongs.

This flight crosses Freycinet Reach to the fascinating patchwork of salt ponds at Useless Loop, then across the sandy finger of Bellefin Prong and out over the rugged Zuytdorp Cliffs following the cliffs northward to Australia's most westerly landfall at Steep Point which is separated from historic Dirk Hartog Island by the waters of South Passage.

The flight takes you north long the island where you will see the Eco Lodge and beautiful clear, astonishing range of blues and greens waters on the way back to Denham and Shark Bay airport.